Technecast is a podcast for fans of Apple and related technology companies. Our name is derived from the greek word techne, meaning craftsmanship, and is also the root of the word technology. We share a love of computers, high-tech tools and have a fascination with how things work. We have a fondness for Apple, but will cover other companies, platforms and products that help "…push the human race forward."

We share the rewarding experience of helping people learn to use Apple and other technologies for fun and work. Together we've spent more than forty years supporting individuals in education and businesses big and small. Our interests include mobile, home automation, media servers, fitness tech, data security, networking, art, music, and so much more.

Technecast is a labor of love and it will grow with your feedback, ideas and questions. We hope to entertain as well as educate with our take on news, reviews, tips and tricks. Whether you have never listened to a podcast before, listen to dozens or have ten of your own, we hope to earn a place on your list of subscribed shows.

Michael Truskowski

Michael has been a technology enthusiast since using the Apple ][e in kindergarten. He had a smartphone before they were cool, but waited in line for a day for the first iPhone anyway. He has a general fascination with cool new things and how they work, and loves to learn about upcoming technology. He has many opinions, so the whole podcasting thing makes sense really.

Michael is also an avid marathoner (the running kind, not the Golden Girls on the Hallmark Channel kind, okay that kind too), a Disney parks enthusiast, and a lover of New York theater. He is an adrenaline junkie who can usually be found on a roller coaster. He has a degree in music, because we all make mistakes when we are young. He lives in Queens with his husband and three cats, which is probably about what you expected to hear at this point.

Facebook: michael.truskowski
Flickr: michaeltruskowski
Google+: +MichaelTruskowski
Twitter, Instagram, RunKeeper: truskowski

Javier Vilanova

Javier has been an Apple fan “… since well before your were born.” His first Mac was a Color Classic he bought second hand in 1993. Since then he’s owned Macs of all shapes and sizes, Newtons, iPods, iPhones and iPads over the years. He still thinks that the Cube was a damn fine computer. He has often been an early adopter of new technology. During his career he’s been an ACMT and spent many years fixing stuff at Tekserve.

In 2013 he fulfilled a lifelong dream and started his own business, Vilanova Design. Technecast was his idea, but owes a tremendous debt to his co-hosts. This podcast is another dream come true.

He lives in Jersey City with his wife and their young daughter. We didn’t name her Apple but it was one of her first words.