Technecast is a podcast for fans of Apple and related technology companies. Our name is derived from the greek word techne, meaning craftsmanship, and is also the root of the word technology. We share a love of computers, high-tech tools and have a fascination with how things work. We have a fondness for Apple, but will cover other companies, platforms and products that help "…push the human race forward."

We share the rewarding experience of helping people learn to use Apple and other technologies for fun and work. Together we've spent over forty years supporting individuals in education and businesses big and small. Our interests include mobile, home automation, media servers, fitness tech, data security, networking, art, music, and so much more.

Technecast is a labor of love and it will grow with your feedback, ideas and questions. We hope to entertain as well as educate with our take on news, reviews, tips and tricks. Whether you have never listened to a podcast before, listen to dozens or have ten of your own, we hope to earn a place on your list of subscribed shows.