Early Adopter

It is just after 3am in Jersey City on April 10th 2015. 3:01 to be exact, my family is fast asleep upstairs and I am in our living room surrounded by fully charged Apple products prepared to take another leap of faith. I've been an early adopter of Apple tech for many years now. The only new product category in recent years that I decided to wait on was the iPhone. The reason for that is a story for another day. 

It might be due to being very tired, but I am optimistic about Apple Watch. I felt a similar excitement when I was about to order my first Newton. Was that a bad example? The prospect of a platform with so much potential is appealing to me. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the bleeding edge. My hope is that placing an order at this ungodly hour will result in having it on launch day just two weeks from now. I have two browsers open and the Apple Store app on my iPad ready to pounce. The Apple Store comes back first on my MacBook Air. The moment is here.

I made up my mind to order the 42mm Apple Watch Sport with a white band. I waste no time and skip AppleCare and arrive at the checkout in little over a minute. I am done placing my order in record time. Now I wait for the email confirmation of my order. 

The confirmation has arrived. I can go to bed now. Goodnight.