One of these things is not like the others…

The recent September Apple event has given fans much to look forward to. At this point, I start to consider the likely next steps for our friends in Cupertino. After the event, Apple TV was elevated to the top navigation bar on Clearly, Apple sees a bright future for the category. The new Apple TV added tvOS to the already established OS X, iOS and the new kid on the block watchOS. Look at the lineup on, nearly all the hardware categories have their own OS. The exception is the iPad.

I believe iPad has been hurt by the move towards universal apps. I'm an optimist and think customers will pay for great software available only on the iPad. I anticipate a course correction and a move to encourage more app development specifically for the iPad. New and interesting hardware has been announced with the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil and the Smart keyboard.  Apple also has to address the shortcomings of the shared OS strategy for iPhone and iPad. I think the past is a predictor in this case. The iPad has slowed down while the iPhone continues to grow. 

The iPad Pro shouldn't be running the same OS as the iPhone. There I said it. It makes no sense, just look at the home screen on the iPad Pro. Apple has to know how ridiculous it is. The iPad is getting a needed bit of attention on the hardware side. Now it is time to give the iPad an OS to give it a fighting chance at growth. There is so much untapped potential in the iPad, and not just for creative and enterprise professionals. 

I'll be shocked if Apple doesn't announce an OS for iPad at WWDC 2016. Well, this is my first prediction for 2016.